Shire of

Stan Wyrm-


Welcome to the Shire of Stan Wyrm-SCA.

We are proud to be a branch of The Society for Creative Anachronism located in Great Falls, MT.

The SCA is an International, Non-profit, Educational, Historical Re-enactment group. Our focus is the dawn of the Roman Empire to 1650 AD, in Europe and it's influencing cultures.

Sir Odde at his Knighting Ceremony at Estrella War.

Her Ladyship Allasan modeling her handmade fighting doublet

Lord Auri receiving his Award of Arms at Estrella War.

Lord Vulcalv receiving his gold scarf for Rapier.

Lord Iain and Lady Saffeea pause before the melee scenarios at Estrella War.

Shire Members enjoy feast at 12 th Nite.

Lady Isabella showing her skill at Archery Practice.

Sir Odde shows his tournament skill.

Lord Iain waiting for a pick up fight.