Officers Contact Information 

Please see descriptions for each officer as well as the current officers, name, photo and email. The Deputy officers name is also listed.  If your interested in filling one of the open offices please contact the Seneschal for more information. Officers are required to attend one meeting a month and submit a report to their Kingdom superior.  Combat officers receive training to  become Authorized Marshals in that area.  Anyone who wishes to become a Marshal is encouraged to get be trained to do so. All offices are warranted (signed off on) by the Kingdom Seneschal and Sitting Royalty.  Any one who wishes to work with youth must pass a society background check. 

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The President of our local group this officer Runs local meetings, and deals directly with Kingdom for things like Dates for our events. Their signature is required on shire purchases and are a member of the financial Committee. 

Lady Bianca da Monte

(Marion Hatch)


 The Groups Treasurer, who keeps track of group finances. They issue checks for purchases and are a voting member of the financial committee. 

Lord Iain Mckellar


Also known as a New Comers Laison, this officer is available to help our New People find their footing. 

Her Ladyship Saffeea Zevce Boga

(Angee Steir


This officer helps members with names and picture representations of themselves known as devices.

Mistress/Master of Arts & Sciences:

(MOAS) Oversees all the Arts activities of the shire. Arranges classes at local events and the annual Arts and Sciences Championship. 

Lady  Aedammair ingen ui Dubhain

(Allie Cooley)

Knight Marshal: 

An authorized combat Marshal who generally oversees Armored Combat. Other Marshal offices are under the purvey of the Knight Marshal. 

Lord Ruger

(Ruger Andres)

Rapier Marshal: 

An Authorized Rapier Marshal, This officer oversees Fencing at local practices and events. 

see marshal email

Letters of intent being accepted: 

Youth Combat Marshal:

 A Society background check is required for this office. The YCM makes sure Youth combat is conducted safely. 

See marshal email

Archery Captain: 

The Archery captain runs our Archery program. They work with other authorized Marshals to make sure everyone gets to shoot safely. 

Letters of intent being accepted: 

see marshal email

Thrown Weapons Marshal:

 Serves as the Head of thrown weapons and works with other Marshals to be sure thrown weapons is conducted safely. 

see marshal email

Youth Officer: 

Heads our local youth program, planning and conducting youth activities for a few hours each day at events. Other background checked adults make this job alot easier! 

see Seneschal email

Letters of intent being accepted: 


Writes and Publishes our monthly Newsletter, The Dragon's Eye! 

M'lady Piera Mancini

(Shannon Stewart)