Marshaled Activities

Stan Wyrm Armored Combatants pose for a group photo before the First Outdoor Practice of the year.

From L: Lord Morgan the Bald, Lord Auri Vahan, Sir Odde Ap Tam, Lord Iain McKellar and M'lord Midoch.

What to do in the SCA.... 

 Here on our Combat page you will find the Marshaled activities that regularly occur in Stan Wyrm. These are by far not all the things the Society has to offer. Please See the New Comers page for Information not listed here. If the arts are more your thing check out the Arts and Sciences Page. 

Iain fighting in the double round robin at 12th Nite.

Sir Odde waiting to fight at Uprising.

Lord Auri salutes his inspiration at 12th Nite.

Lord Iain engaging in one on one combat during the Outlands Prize Tourney, Estrella 2019.

Armored Combat 

The most well known thing to do in the SCA,  Armored fighters enjoy making (and repairing) much of their own Armor. They fight with considerable skill and chivalry. The weapons are made from Rattan, a solid bamboo type material that simulates the weight of period weapons. Rattan also grows spongy rather than splintering, providing a safer alternative to steel or wood. Lord Iain is at left competing in one on one combat in this year's Outland's Prize Tourney at Estrella War!

At larger events in The Kingdom of Artemisia like Uprising and Whipping Winds fighters have the opportunity to fight in melee scenarios. We welcome you to attend fighter practice and try it out using our loaner gear. To fight at events you must have a paid membership and be Authorized. Membership info listed below!

Q: Can I participate  without being a member?

A: Of course you can! Come to  any of our practices and try it out. But only members may participate in competitions at Events. Members  even save money at  every event  they attend. To become a member or learn more, Visit


 One of the fastest  growing Marshaled combat forms in the Kingdom of Artemisia, Rapier  is a form of Fencing. The armor requirements are lighter than those of Armored combat. Thin Steal blades are used and only thrusting it  is allowed. 

Lord Vulcalv fighting in the rapier tournament at 12th Nite.

Master Cormac preparing to fight Rapier at Whipping Winds.

Lord Auri having a great day at Archery Practice.

Hit the Target! 

  Archery has always been one of our most popular Activities. One all ages can participate in, if under 16 must have a parent or guardian present. 

 Thrown  Weapons is new to our Shire, participants throw knives, axes and spears.  Archery is currently on hold  due to lack of a practice site. Thrown Weapons takes place from approximately May to Oct see the Facebook group or contact the Thrown Weapons captain listed on the officers page for more info.

M'Lord Midoch practicing spear throwing.