A & S

Black-work is period style of Embroidery.

Lady Colleen showing her Kimahimo to the camera.

Lord Iain and Lady Saffeea work on projects at a recent A&S gathering.

Sir Odde working on bobin lace.

So Much to Do....

While Combat is the first thing that you usually see, Arts and Sciences are the heart of the SCA. A&S encompasses all of the things one can make or learn about in the study and recreation of Mid Evil and Renaissance Life! Armor making, Sewing Garb (clothing,) Weaving, Woodworking, Cooking and so much more. If someone did it then someone in the SCA does it now. We hold weekly Arts and Sciences get together's so you can work on your own projects and learn from others. At Events experienced artisans teach classes, competitions and displays round out Arts and Sciences.

Silk Banner by HL Allasan

Morgan the Bald's Dragon Cake.

Fairies made by Sir Odde

Lady Allasan working on a silk banner.