Lady Bianca da Monte receiving her AOA  from their Majesties Timmer and Tianna in The Barony oF Bronzehelm  

Welcome Home

The Shire of Stan Wyrm is located in The Kingdom Of Artemisia. (Otherwise known as Montana, Southern Idaho, Utah and the SW Corner of Wyoming. )  This page will tell you more about local event's and happenings as well as Event's around our Fair Kingdom.  

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Practices and Monthly Happenings 

Please note: Dates and Times are subject to change.  For announcements regarding Practice including location visit:

or check out the google calendar.

Armored & Rapier Practice

 Monday- 6:30 to 8:30pm

1300 1 st Ave N

See the FB group for details.


Thursday- 6:30 to 9pm

1300 2nd Ave N

See the FB group for details.

Shire Meeting

1st Thursday- 6:30 pm

On Zoom, please see FB group for links.


Currently no Archery.

Due to site availability. Please contact the Seneschal if you have a potential Archery site.

Thrown Weapons

Mid May to Mid October, see the FB group for Details.

The Proud Gryphon of Artemisia.

Weekly Happenings


an SCA Event?

Weekly Happenings like the ones that are listed above are: free, locally attended and participants wear plain clothes.

SCA Events:  Can be found nearly any weekend  all over the Kingdom.(Updated official Kingdom Calendar at Right.) They are sponsored by a hosting group, have a small site fee for attendance and participants wear an "attempt at Pre 1650's clothing." We refer to it as "Garb." (Garb and other loaner Gear may be available, contact the hosting group in advance.  Visit the Newcomers page to contact your The Shire Of Stan Wyrm's New Comers Liaison who may also be able to assist you.) 

Map of Artemisia

Current Kingdom Calendar, click to enlarge.